Hello and thank you for coming to my page! I became a first time father in the summer of 2018 and during that time had a million questions . “Am I going to be a good father, will my son be smart? happy? funny? successful? handsome? popular?” To keep myself from going crazy, I decided to utilize my skillset and put some data science into the mix to try and answer the questions I could. While I’ll have to wait and see about the funny part, he certainly seems happy and smart so far 🙂

I built the dashboard and run most of my analysis through the CDC 2016 Natality database. This dataset tries to capture every birth in the US given its year and so this one has over 4 million babies! While every baby is different, we can use this data to try and make some generalizations about you and your baby to offer insight. As this site grows, I will grab more data and we can look at trends through time and hopefully get even more suggestions about research ideas.

I hope you enjoy, and please check out our Pregnancy Predictor to get your own dashboard on what other babies from parents like you look like!